Your spouse is NOT your enemy

Being able to talk with your spouse without worrying how he/she is going to react

In working together, we look at how money management and behavior can influence your marriage. We will tackle questions, such as: What’s you and your spouse’s history with money? Why do you manage money the way you do? Did you learn any personal finance knowledge from your parents? Did your past experience influence your current money behavior?

During our sessions, we will strive towards the following goals: (1) We are going to learn how to let our past influence our current and future situation. (2) We will have a customized step by step roadmap to tackle debt and achieve financial freedom. (3) By the end of the program, we will have a solid idea how to implement the steps and strive toward the ultimate goal of a bright future and a solid marriage!

What Others Are Saying

Being young in marriage, we naturally obtained each other’s debt. Student loans, credit cards, bad spending habits and Shiana’s favorite, impulse spending. However, by the grace of God, we were able to pay off all of our credit cards, both joint and individual and begin making double payments on student loans depending on the monthly budget. We now know how to budget and what is a priority is compared to a want that we made a “need”.
God has moved in us not only financially but as a married couple by opening communication on a topic which is typically tense and stressful for us. Since meeting with Chee, we were able to sit, gather all of our numbers and make a solid plan to move forward and begin to come out of debt. Learning to work with each other, making time to sit and review finances on a monthly basis, and holding each other accountable for our finances has increased not only the communication in our marriage, but has increased the accountability we have for each other to reach our financial goals.
Thank you Chee for being obedient to God and leading us be obedient to God with our finances!

Caleb, Shiana DuBois & Nathan - Rhode Island

We would like to say that the financial class was very educational and informative. This is a good class for parents with young children who wants to have better financial management both for now and the future. We have learned that planning and budgeting is a must in order to have better control of money. And utilizing cash keeps individuals more aware and in control of their money. We recommend this class to the people that are “free spirit” it will help them change their unstable spending habits. This class covered a lot and it was also fun and interactive. Thank you Chee!

Victor and Reyna - Rhode Island

I don’t often give shout-outs or reviews, but today I need to share what a blessing my friend Chee Chaw has been as he has led myself and others through his Financial Peace course. We always wish we could make more money or simply have more money. Chee’s class has taught me to direct where my money is going to go, rather than scratch my head to figure out where it went. He has shown us growth rates for retirement funds, and showed us how to avoid unnecessary debt. For some people, these things are no brainers. However, Chee’s class has taken us past the no-brainer concepts and into greater understanding. Simply put, his class has meant a lot to me. In a few years, when my kids are beginning their own financial journey, I’ll be able to help them. However, they are going to take Chee’s class then, too; it’s going to be a prerequisite for me helping them through college. Don’t go anywhere, Chee—you have good wisdom to offer. 😊

Joanne Kidwell – Kentucky

47% of all households carry credit card debt

  • The average credit card debt is $4651
  • The average auto debt is $18,201
  • The average student loan is $34,795
  • The average mortgage debt is $232,372
  • 75% of none homeowners thinks owning a home is part of American dream!

My wife and I were in your shoes before. I want to see you both create a beautiful tomorrow. Your future self will thank you when you are done walking on this journey! It is closer than you think! Let’s start now!