Customized financial strategy for young parents

Together, we can formulate a plan to tackle life and money challenges

As a young family, we tend to begin our journey with rose-colored glasses as we purchase our first home, choose childcare services, buy our vehicles and plan our family-centered vacations. We have many dreams to fulfill, then one day we wake up and we find ourselves in a tangled web of debt and financial struggles. We have come to realize that our lack of financial knowledge and discipline with money is actually hindering us from having a balanced life. This is where I can help.  We can create a realistic plan for you and your spouse that can move your family forward to a life of balance. 

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Smart Money Smart kids

Raising the Next Generation to win with Money.

Financial Harmony at home

Overcome financial disagreement and building peace at home. 

How Coaching Works

Having a good understanding of finances is critical. Through my blended financial knowledge, we will create a system that works for couples to get out of debt, build savings, start investing and raise a content family. 

A good financial coach is someone can lift you up and not afraid of giving constructive feedbacks when needed. I am here to lift you up, not pulling you down. 

We are good fit if:

– You and your spouse strongly believe that it is time to better manage your finances.

-You and your spouse are sick and tired of making great income yet have nothing to show for!

– You and your spouse wanting to raise a responsible children and they will be a great citizen to the society.

Family Financial Harmony Plan Pricing

In this two-hour session you and your loved one will get a clear picture of where things are and what direction you both and your young family headed to. Both of you will gain a better understanding your relationship with money and how this can be an advantage to both of you. During this session, we will discuss: 

1. Work on family budget, spending, and savings for the family

2. How money behaviors change your relationship to each other and your children.

3. Create a plan for your family spending that will help you build a brighter future.

For 2-Hour session: $289

My commitment to continuing education

I have pursued my Master degree while working full time after my undergrad studies. Learning should be a lifelong process, and devoting time to continuing education can be a journey of personal development. I truly believe that advanced learning is a path to become a better person.  

As a member of the Financial Coaches Network, I have access to a proprietary Knowledgebase of advanced personal finance topics designed to help financial coaches better serve their clients.

The Knowledgebase was developed by Joshua Escalante Troesh, CFP; a Tenured Professor of Business and Personal Finance who has written personal finance curriculum adopted by multiple community colleges and approved by the Cal State University system’s Chancellors Office for meeting General Education requirements for all Cal State Universities.